Directing Motion Halfway point: DOWNLOAD Available

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First off, apologies for all of the promo of the Directing Motion Tour, but as you can imagine this has been an all-consuming process for me for the past 6 months or so and I’m extremely proud of the results.

Simply put, the reaction has been pretty phenomenal from the attendees.   Better than I could have hoped and definitely a silver-lining to a badly broken arm…   I’ve enjoyed the fact that people who didn’t know what the term "coverage" was when they initially attended told me that they very much enjoyed themselves, as well as veteran DPs and directors from a few big companies that attended also said they got a lot out of it!     Being able to offer up something that appealed to a multitude of levels of experience was one of my main goals with this tour.  

I’ve also heard a lot of requests from people to take the tour to Europe, Australia and other parts of the world.   We’re looking into it, but the challenge of bringing all of that gear with us overseas is  more than a bit daunting.  

To that end, we’re going to launch the download of the course within the next 48-96 hours.   I’m just working on the titles at this point and putting in finishing tweaks…   So if you’re interested in getting the download you can go here.

As of tomorrow we’re officially halfway through the tour – and we’re going to go to (click for dates):  San Fran (Sold out) Sacramento,  Irvine, LA (Sold Out) San Diego, Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, Houston,  New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta,  Ft Lauderdale, Charlotte, Brooklyn, DC, NYC (Sold Out) – with many of the larger cities close to capacity so don’t wait too long to decide if you’re on the fence.  

 I hope to see you there.   If you can’t make it – you can always check us out from the comfort of your own home via this download of our St Louis stop…   To that end, here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve been doing through SIXTEEN CITIES across this amazing country:

Directing Motion Tour- Sizzle Reel from MZed on Vimeo.