Bentley, MōVI & iPhones

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 I often tell young filmmakers that the best way to learn the art of directing, is to take their iPhones and go out and shoot a sequence or short.    That way, you won’t focus on the technical restrictions of lenses, camera support etc – you focus only on how you move the camera (and why) the length of each shot, and the art of sequencing…   Point is:  the lack of depth of field won’t make a good film…  the depth of your storytelling skills (not to mention the quality of the original story and screenplay) will!   This is a big focus on what we’re doing on tour right now, now on city 6 of 32.

Here is a great example of what an iPhone 5s, connected to a Freefly Systems  MōVI M5 can do – and just how good it can get.  

Now to be frank:  I really don’t care what anyone shoots on… I just care about the result.   I think it’s often superfluous to talk about the cameras, lenses etc when the focus should be on story.   But this is a great example of that in an odd way as well:  the use of the cameras and movement when combined with an iPhone and MōVI show you where things will head in the future… smaller cameras, new camera support and innovations galore.    Because ultimately, none of your general audience cares about how your film was made – they just care if it holds their attention and entertains them.   That’s my opinion anyway.

You’ll see a little BTS at the end of the video below that shows how the video was shot – and edited on an iPad in the plush seats of a Bentley… "as you do!"