Phenomenal “One Shot” on S1 E4 “True Detective” Ending

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I’m sure we could debate what the best "one shot wonder" is in cinema history… Whether it’s  the Copa Cabana shot by Martin Scorsese in Goodfellas,  the historical shot in Atonement,   Boogie Nights,  Pulp Fiction,  Road To Perdition and/or of course several in Cuàron’s  Children of Men,  or Gravity…

But the following shot from HBO’s True Detective series by Director Cary Fukunaha  and Australian cinematographer Adam Arkapaw may just be the most amazing I’ve ever seen in a television series…   As the slogan goes: "It’s not TV, it’s HBO."

The astounding part about this shot revolves around the fact that no compromise, or very little,  is ever made in terms of framing let alone pacing.  Heck it doesn’t ever feel like a "one shot" which is perhaps the ultimate compliment one can pay such a shot… The high level of action and intense acting carries the  shot throughout.    The fact that the team decided to keep pushing their luck the longer the shot went helps bring this to the very top of my list of one-shot wonders in all of cinema history.  And this amidst a deep study of my favorite 50 films as I prepare for the Directing Motion Tour that begins in a little over two months from now…

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You can also see a behind-the-scenes  look at what is one of the most impressive series on television right now and definitely of the past several years.    Congratulations goes t to the Steadicam operators Chris McGuire & Ramon Engle, ADs,  1st ACs  not to mention the incredible acting by Matthew McConaughey  and the  actors, extras, and just about everybody on that team during one half days  it took them to pull off this shot!  And on film no less!

 If you haven’t kept up with True Detective,  you can always catch it on demand on HBO Go!