Recent Freefly MōVI News + Accessories

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Here’s a really cool example of what top Hollywood directors and DPs can do w/ the Freefly MōVI for a DirectTV World Cup Spot that Director Oliver Stone both directed and starred in with top DP Rodrigo Prieto.

What this shows me is that we’ve only just skimmed the surface in terms of the incredible variety and uses for the MōVI can do. What they did in this spot – awesome.  Definitely a lot of fun.   You can actually check out a large number of videos on Freefly’s Vimeo page.    One thing I highly recommend you check out is their tutorial section, notably how easy it is to custom configure the MōVI with Freefly’s software to truly fine tune the way it reacts and for each specific use.   There are more than a dozen videos that cover every aspect of the MōVI from balancing all the way to more advanced customization such as the aforementioned software, an area they clearly excel in and differentiate themselves from others.

MōVI: The DirecTV Session from Freefly on Vimeo.

On the still image below you’ll see a bunch of accessories that can be used with the MōVI, my next post will relate to some of the accessories many of you will most likely need as you move into the MōVI world – that will be up within a 1-2 weeks.  I’ve made a point of working with these accessories on a few productions before recommending them – ergo the delay. 


 I’m currently at Rule Boston Camera (I’m speaking for them tonight in Boston, and I’ll be speaking at Photo Plus Expo in NYC this week Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the Canon Stage) and Mike Sutton showed me this sleak pre-cut case for the MōVI that CinemaOxide made for him.   It’s a StormCase that comes in at exactly 40 lbs WITH the entire MōVI Kit – which gives 10 more pounds for accessories to make it under the 50lb limit, and perhaps even a camera and lenses (depending on their weight naturally.)  This also allows you to add up to 35 pounds to meet the 75 lb "media/production" rate many top American airlines (American Airlines, Delta, United) honor ($50 per case 75lbs or under if you have Press ID / Production ID.)   You can click on either one of the images below for a closer look inside.  

CinemaOxide Case2

More to come… 

Anyway,  I just happened to see this today and thought I’d share while I was here and cross one thing off the accessory list!   I’ll share some more info on different wireless follow focus systems (Axis 1, RedRock) Monitors (Small HD DP4 and AC7) and wireless video solutions (Teradek, Paralynx) in more detail as soon as possible.   I’ve just been busy actually testing them out for more than a month and wanted to give you in depth reviews and advice – if you’re impatient, click on the links above for a hint… 

 Here’s the resulting DirectTV video:

and in case that’s not enough – here’s another cool video to check out:


MōVI – Red Bull Dreamline BTS from Freefly on Vimeo.

And here’s that software video I recommended you watch:


MōVI Tutorial – Wireless MōVI App Remote Transmitter Settings from Freefly on Vimeo.