Watching a Master at Work: Scorsese in Goodfellas

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"Goodfellas" is easily one of my top 10 films, if not within my top 5.    The directing, the writing, the acting, the visuals, the music, the editing – basically everything is there.    It’s definitely a bit violent for some (which is kind of the point…)  but it should be required viewing for any film student.  

Seeing Martin Scorsese at work in this "making of" is one of the best examples I’ve seen of what I think it means to be a director: having a crystal clear vision, being able to communicate it to others effectively, and also collaborating with those around you to take the scripted page to a new level.   Improvising together… and nailing it when the camera is rolling.   It’s amazing to see how so many great actors rose to the occasion – not to mention how seriously these veteran actors took their roles and preparation.  

I couldn’t recommend you spend 30 minutes doing anything other than seeing the video below.   That’s assuming you’ve seen the film of course… if not, sit back and enjoy that incredible ride first, followed by the video below.