The best explanation on Aspect Ratios I’ve likely seen

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First a big thank you for everyone who helped fund Seed&Spark’s campaign this morning!    Thanks to the 198 supporters along with Alex Buono, Philip Bloom,  Chase Jarvis,  Zack Arias, Tamara Lackey, The Diamond Brothers, & Shane Hurlbut helped them meet their goal!   I appreciate them not only helping get the word out – but also to take the time to help spread the word via the interwebs!

On a much more camera geek/techincal note, I saw this video today on Aspect Ratio and thought it would be a great thing to share with this blog’s readers.   I’ve you’ve ever been stumped when asked by a DP whether or not you wanted to shoot in 1.33,  1.37, 2.59,  1.85, 2.35  or 4:3, 16:9, 3 perf or 4 perf… well this will allow you to PRETEND you truly understand what’s being discussed from now on 😉  

John Hess or FilmmakerIQ demistifies these formats and just as interestingly how they came to be!  

I learned about this through film books, but I can tell you this is a heck of a lot better way to demystify these numbers that have quite a significance in how you shoot a film… As silly as it sounds, the aspect ratio of a film can have a tremendous psychological imprint on any film…

The timing of this is perfect for me,  as I’m about to go see Laurence of Arabia on a 70mm print at the Egyptian theater in LA!


The Changing Shape of Cinema: The History of Aspect Ratio from on Vimeo.

And for those of you not lucky enough to get a chance to go to the Stanley Kubrick exchibit at LACMA (easily one of my favorite museum exhibitions ever on who is likely my favorite director) – here’s another great resource I found on FIlmmakerIQ – a virtual VIDEO TOUR!   With parts 2 and 3 below the page break…


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