One of the Best Film Educators Alex Buono on nationwide tour this summer

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You may have noticed that I seldom post about workshops, let alone my own speaking engagements on this blog.   Here’s an easy exception for me:  Alex Buono and his "Art of Visual Storytelling Tour."   As you may know Alex and I are both Canon Explorers of Light (EOL) and that means that we both speak at the same big venues (Such as NAB) on a regular basis.    There’s a lot of joking around between the EOLs about who did the best presentation and who waited until the very last minute to finish their presentations before stepping onto stage, but there’s one thing we all agree on:   Alex is very likely the best amongst the group.

Alex will start on June 3rd in Minneapolis all the way through August 4th in Seattle after touring 31 cities around the United States.   If you can’t make it they’ll also be putting a DVD together.  I’ve seen Alex speak a few dozen times for Canon and several times at Masters in Motion (my favorite multi-speaker workshop of the year) – and I can honestly say I’ve picked something up from every one of his talks.    Alex is a fantastic filmmaker – and one of the best educators out there – PERIOD.     

Here’s a quote that I agree with fully:

Alex essentially crammed four years of film school into a mesmerizing two-hour tour de force performance that left people’s brains aching from information overload."

Jon Connor, co-founder – Masters in Motion,

So if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines to attend a workshop because you thought you might not learn anything – this is likely the time to take the plunge.  And the tour’s daily structure is also intelligently broken down into several sections each day, which as an educator I can tell you is the BEST way to educate people of all levels of experience (they can attend the portions they are interested in.)   So go learn something, this is a workshop that I can recommend without reservation.    Go ahead an learn something from Alex – who is also a heck of a nice guy…

 Oh, and did I mention he’s also an Academy Award nominee?