From Lights to Night Through Music

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Dreamcore – "Lights" from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

I have two friends who put videos up yesterday that I wanted to share.   They also happen to be interestingly connected with one another.

The first is by Tom Lowe of Dreamcore.   You may remember Tom from TimeScapes – an amazing film comprised of gorgeous live action and time lapse sequences from around the United States – notably national parks and our nation’s natural treasures.   I realize I never reviewed his film on my blog even though I attended the premiere and I consider Tom a close friend.   So if you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend you do so – the film is available in a multitude of formats all the way up to 4K (and was notably the first 4K film ever sold the to the public) for those of you with a fancy new 4K television hungry for content:  the visuals in the film are stunning and won’t disappoint.  The music is done by yet another friend John Stanford who was also the executive producer, find out more about how this film was made here.

Above, you’ll find another video that Tom worked out with several friends of ours (it’s a small incestuous little world this film business.)  DP, editor and unit director: Tom Lowe Director: Kevin Kerslake Crew: Jon Bregel, Kevin Packer, Josh Owens, Dustin "Dr. Kanab" Kukuk, Marcus Del Negro, Eric Hines.

It’s also worthy camera porn if you will as it combines the old world with the new.   Many of these shots were made with the Leica M Noctilux f/0.95 lens combined with the Red Epic and a then prototype Leica mount for the cine camera.   While the Noctilux lens has definitely been modernized by Leica, it has always been a lens of desire as one of the sharpest and "brightest" lenses in the world.   Combined with 5K imagery and high frame rates (120 frame per second) the results are quite unusual – notably the bokeh.   It’s important to realize that this is cutting edge cinematography – without the f/0.95 aperture that allows a tremendous amount of light to reach the digital sensor, the sensor would not have been able to capture enough light at the evening events at the high frame rates (which let almost 16 times less light in than a traditional 24 frames per second.)

Filmed at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, 2012 –  Download the 4K H264 (1.28GB) file here: or torrent: and Follow Dreamcore at: and Follow Tom Lowe at: Special thanks to Agata Alexander  Music: "Lights" by Ellie Goulding (Bassnectar remix):

Second is a recent video collaboration between musician Moby and Mark Lanegan. As some of you may know I got to know Moby following the release of "Reverie" 5 years ago. He e-mailed this video to me yesterday and I thought it would be a great time to put both of these friends’ work up on the blog. The fact that they were both released on the same day and that Tom photographed so many of the same location in Moby’s video in Timescapes makes this all come full circle somehow. Enjoy the awesome cinematography within both of these videos – and I’ll go ahead and add the TimeScapes video for good measure at the end of the post to help come full circle.  Music: ‘The Lonely Night’ by Moby & Mark Lanegan – Cinematography & Direction: Colin Rich (


Timescapes 4K: