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I was going to post a video today that Tom Lowe and a few mutual friends filmed a little under a year ago that has just been released.

I thought it best to hold off for a a little bit given the events in Boston today.    

As many of you know I covered many of the events post-9/11 overseas and lived in New York City most of my life and why this hits close to home and I chose to write about it.

I  simply wanted to say that while the psychological effect of these attacks can be significant, their long term affect on our quality of life can be one of the single biggest threats to all of us. I hope we don’t give these people the satisfaction of knowing that they can successfully dictate how we live our lives.

I think we should take a pause today to send our condolences and best energy to the victims and families involved in today’s events.

That’s enough politics for me.  To that end, back to technology and filmmaking very shortly.

Vincent Laforet