MōVI pre-orders just went live, and more videos of it in action.

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Well… here it is.     Today we got an awesome (unsolicited) compliment from one of the most technical Directors of Photography in the world, veteran Bill Bennett ASC:

The MōVI is "In my opinion the most revolutionary thing at the show." speaking of NAB 2013.

So time will tell – but I think that the MōVI has a chance of living up to the term "Game Changer."    

With an endorsement like that let’s just say that one really couldn’t ask for anything more.   Bill literally tests ALL of the newest stuff – and usually before it’s even in the prototype stage. 

On another note:  We’re still waiting to hear of anyone at NAB walking away from the Freefly booth a skeptic…  people "see the light" if you will, when they get their hands on the unit – I was an instant convert within less than a minute without exaggeration.    The interest level feels equal to "Reverie" with the video we shot with the Canon 5D MKII almost 5 years ago,  and the views have accumulated faster than Reverie did –  1.5 million views since Friday.  

Enough talking – if you’d like to be one of the first adopter of what I think has the potential to be looked back on as a new phase of camera movement history, go to the pre-order page of the the MōVI M10.   $2,500 deposit to hold your place in line.   The kit includes the MōVI, enough batteries for one day of shooting, and a remote control unit as well.

NOTE there are TWO ITEMS for sale – the MōVI M10 (handheld rig) and the MōVI MR (a multirotor 3-Axis RC Helicopter version.)

Here is the LINK TO PRE-ORDER The MōVI.

And check out more impressive work shot with the MōVI – "Passion for Motion" the morning after Tabb, Hugh and I shot with it for the first time in NYC to produce MōVI – they literally shot this piece the very next morning in Seattle – as you can imagine none of us have slept at all over the past few weeks:

Passion for Motion from Freefly on Vimeo.

And Behind The Scenes:

Passion for Motion – Behind the Scenes from Freefly on Vimeo.

 Also – here’s a review from Engadget’s Zach Honig, who was initially skeptical of the MōVI due to its price point a week ago when he was given an advance preview of the videos we produced with it.  As he admits in the article – he seems to have lost his healthy skepticism rather quickly of whether or not the MōVI deserves being associated with the term ‘Game Changer" and he also thought the learning curve was relatively quite short…   I must say there are few more gratifying things than to see someone who is initially skeptical about any product come around.    It’s safe to say the team at Freeffly and are are excited to see what we believe to be the full potential of this new technology get fully taken advantage of by our fellow creatives.