Sorry I just couldn’t resist…

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But as I wish you ALL a wonderful holiday with friends and family and a wonderful 2013 – given that the world is supposed to end today I found myself humming these two songs on the drive to the office today.

Thank you all for your support and comments on the blog this year!     Hopefully we get to do this again next year!!!!


Hopefully not! (Meaning the song above)

Too many good films to be made and seen by all! I’ll be shutting off comments, the blog, and e-mail until January 3, 2012 as I unplug – hope you all get to do the same and enjoy your second lease on life should we all survive the day!   

And if that doesn’t do it for you read this rather funny (not intentionally … at least I don’t think .. at best tongue in cheek )  explanation from NASA as to why the world won’t end today.

Feel free to embed your song suggestions in the comment sections – I’ll check the comments one more time tomorrow (if future circumstances allow) and Sunday.

Lastly, I wasn’t going to do this this year because I thought I didn’t get it in early enough… but I’m still being asked and there’s still time to shop (and if we are all going to perish tonight you might as well SPEND IT!!!!!)  so:

The MOST common question I’ve been getting this week – WHAT CAMERA SHOULD I BUY RIGHT NOW?

Based on my use/personal experience ONLY  (i.e. I don’t shoot Nikon – it’s nothing personal people love those too but I have little to no experience with the current models… and I will definitely admit I have an obvious bias to Canon cameras given the investment I have made in their lenses – so please do take that into account.)

Best deal:  Canon 60D $699

Best "still affordable for most and is worth the financial stretch" camera: Canon 6D $2,099

Best camera: Canon 5D MKIII  $3,499

Most versatile "if I only had ONE lens" :  Canon 24~70mm 2.8 II  –  $2,299

Best starter lens you can’t go wrong with:  Canon 35mm f2 $289

Same as above but for videographers who will benefit from IS:  Canon 35mm f2 IS  $849

Best "classic camera": Leica M  $6950 or if you can’t wait ’til Feb Leica M9 

Best "affordable, you want to make your first film" video camera:  Canon C100 $6,499

Best "documentary bar none (and indie!)" video camera:  Canon C300  $14,999

Best "dark horse / best kept secret" camera for both stills + amazing 4K video that I will likely buy myself next:  Canon 1DC  $11,999

Best "Director’s best friend for scripts/scout/storyboards/reference tool":  iPad Mini

Best medium format camera:   Leaf 80MP Credo $45,595

Best "future proof" camera: RED Epic Price depends on configuration.

Best power solution that I used all the time now:  Freedom-1 pack  $749

Best hard drive (portable):  G-Tech 1TB Slim USB 3.0 $149

Best "up your production value tool":  Kessler Stealth Slider  $799

Haven’t had my hands on the Canon C500 or the Sony F5/F55 so I can’t recommend any of those until I do.  I’ve worked with all of the cameras mentioned above.

Geez this is becoming an expensive hobby/habit!