Follow Focus | blue Studio

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Here’s a new, extremely full-featured follow focus from Redrock Micro.  The microFollowFocus | blue Studio is the professional upgrade to the microFollowFocus version 2.  The design is generally the same, but is slimmer, and now includes two adjustable hard stops that can be used to set close focus and infinity so that you don’t pull past either of these on still lenses, which spin infinitely.  This ensures that your focus marks will stay in the same place from take to take.  You can also adjust the backlash and drag on this version so that you get the feel and performance that you want out of the device.  The gearbox is also flippable so that it can sit at the front or rear of the follow focus and fits even the shortest lens.  

At any time you can also add on a second focus wheel to the dumb side of camera, making the follow focus suitable for studio setups.  Alternatively, there is a non-studio version which does not include the second focus wheel extension.  This is a definitely upgrade in terms of finish and features for Redrock users out there, and is an excellent follow focus for those looking to buildout their camera kit for a studio setup at a reasonable price point.  Head over to Redrock Micro to learn more.

Above you can see the MicroFollowFocus | blue Studio on our C300 rig.  The camera is cheating toward the dumb side, where you have a better view of the additional focus wheel that can be used by your first AC.  That additional length ensures that your AC can stand slightly back from the camera so as not to get into the operator’s way.  Other gear in this rig includes the ultraCage | blue for C300 (which you can read about here), the ultraCage backPack with a gold mount for Anton Bauer Dionic HC batteries, and the brand new OConnor 1030D fluid head, which is an update of the OConnor 1030HD that I had been using previously.