Marshall Expands on latest monitor line

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Before NAB, Marshall announced their new 5.6 inch monitor, which included a boat load of new features including waveform display, dual audio monitoring, headphone output, variable pixel to pixel functions, and a new peaking filter with four different color options.  On top of those features, the monitor also featured a brand new menu system that’s incredibly easy to navigate (for the full review on the 5.6" – check it out HERE). 

Now they have expanded that Modular Design line of monitors with the V-LCD70MD and the V-LCD90MD, a 7" and 9" version of that 5.6" monitor that include all of the same features.  These new sizes offer greater options for the use of these monitors.  The 7" is slightly bigger, and can function as an on-board monitor for the dumb side of the amber to give the first AC a larger screen to pull focus with.  The 9" on the other hand is great for on-set monitoring when you don’t have a village video set-up – or you don’t want to spend all your time moving between the camera and video village.  The included waveform monitors and the fact that they can be powered from P-Tap make them fantastic onboard solutions.

The 5.6" Marshall is now shipping, and the 7" and 9" versions are expected to ship at the end of June.