Stillmotion: SHARE

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 My good friend Patrick Moreau and his colleagues over at stillmotion have begun a new initiative within their company that is focused on giving back.  They have set up the Share project, which tells the story of one cause a year and is produced on a 100% volunteer basis.  Patrick and the others felt that rather than donating a percentage of profits to a cause, they could better help that cause by donating their greatest asset – which is a penchant for fantastic storytelling.  I have to agree that this is an amazing and gracious approach to giving back.  Anyone can donate money, but those that are gifted as storytellers can give so much more by putting their skills to work and spreading the word of a particular cause in a way that connects with audiences.

Thier first endeavor for Share is the "Old Skool Cafe" – the story of a youth run supper club.  A description of the piece is available below via stillmotion’s blog – and you can see the video embedded above!

"Teresa, the first heart behind Old Skool, was a correctional officer who was really affected by how few options there are for youth after they have entered the system. she would get so connected to many of the youth with the time she spent with them inside of prison. sadly, many ended up right back inside shortly after being released. the environment many of these youth come from, and the environment from which they are released into gives them little chance of breaking free. Teresa wanted to created a way out, another options that could offer these youth a positive community support system as well as an income. with that, and 8 long years of hard work, Old Skool Cafe was born. in the coming weeks we will have images and a film telling the story of Old Skool Cafe, our first story for the stillmotion: Share project."