Shout out: AcroBack/Snow Guardians

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I’d like to share a few things that my friends in the industry are up to.  FIrst, my friends Shane Geraghty and Polly Morgan, both of whom worked with me on "Mobius" directed and shot the above video (respectively).  Many of you may be familiar with Polly, as she is the talented director of photography who shot "Mobius"  last November, and was seen all over the Canon BTS for the film.    Polly and I are teaching a cinema lighting workshop next month at the Palm Springs Photo Festival BTW and there are still a few spots open…  If you’re a photographer looking to learn about cinema lighting or a videographers looking to glean some amazing tips from a great DP – this is the workshop for you.  I only do 1-2 of these a year given how difficult it is to pull of the lighting gear together and it’s always a lot of fun for everyone involved (myself included.)  Click Here is the link to the workshop.

Shane was the stunt coordinator for the film, and runs his own firm, AcroBack, in NYC that engages a wide variety of perfomance artists for a wide variety of events.  Their group is immensely talented and many of them have worked on a extensive list of blockbuster films, including the upcoming "The Amazing Spiderman."    I met Shane immediately after "Reverie" was released and shot my second video ever with him and his crew in New York City.   Shane introduced me to Polly 2 years ago in LA – and it was great to finally collaborate with them on our last short together!


The other project I would like to put on your radar is "Snow Guardians," a collaborate film effort about Ski Search and Rescue Patrol.  The film aims to show the incredibly adverse and dangerous job that these people undertake in the back country of Montana.  The project is helmed by Carson Garner (some of you may be familiar with him by the name of F9 Photo), and is unique in that he has invited a number of filmmakers out over the past two winters to help take part in the film’s realization – hence the collaborative film tag.  I even traveled out to Montana to last winter to shoot some aerial footage for the film.  Now after two year’s of shooting, Carson’s film is nearing completion and he has started a Kickstarter to raise the remaining necessary funds.  Hop over to the Kickstarter page to a film that is really furthering along the democratization of filmmaking and includes a good number of my filmmaking friends.   I definitely recommend you check out the Kickstarter page listed above to find out more about a unique collaboration and film.