VISUAL STORIES is live today

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I just wanted to make a quick announcement that my book "VISUAL STORIES" is out today.   There is 35% off coupon on Peachpit’s site as well for a short time – use the code "PPE2011" when you check out to get the discount.


Here is a link to the hard copy: Visual Stories: Behind the Lens with Vincent Laforet  (HARD COPY)

And a link to the eBook version: Visual Stories: Behind the Lens with Vincent Laforet (eBOOK)


For more information on the book and to see a few excerpts CLICK HERE.

The book has gotten some very nice feedback so far:

"Visual Stories blends art, meaningful technical know-how and thoughtful discussion on the role and power of photography to make an impact on society. It’s one of the best photography books I’ve seen."

-Christopher Robinson, Editor, Digital Photo Pro Magazine 

"Once in a while a Creative comes along who’s body of work causes anyone who sees it to stop in their tracks. That’s the gift that Vincent Laforet has given us here. Life Through the Lens with Vincent Laforet is an inspiring gift that demands to be on your bookshelf (virtual or otherwise)."

– Dane Sanders, Photographer & Writer,

"99% of the process happens before you even get the opportunity to press the button. As much as anything else, Visual Stories is about that process. It is about previsualizing, planning, cajoling, persevering — and whatever else it takes to transport an image from your mind’s eye into print."
– Scott Bourne, Photographer & Writer,

"Visual Stories will be an instant classic. It is well written and is an easy read for photographers of every level. It contains over 100 of the author’s photos with information on the shot as well as the technical camera settings used.


Also included with Visual Stories is a DVD that contains 60 videos that provide a personal view of the author and his work. Here he explains in more detail about his work and how he captured his images. If you want to see into the mind of an award winning photographer and learn from his experiences then I very highly recommend Visual Stories."


T. Michael Testi – via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Blog Critics

Also – here is a book and an app that friends have out:

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