IKONOSKOP – 16mm digital cinema camera

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This is just a sign of where things are headed – it’s going to be FUN to be a digital cinematographer in the upcoming years!   Cameras are getting smaller and lighter (not always a good thing… but often it is!)  and more affordable.    Sensors are getting better (note that this camera has a CCD sensor not CMOS)  and I love the idea/ergonomics of this camera!   I’d love to get a chance to play with it one day!   A friend of mine has one – so we’ll see…

 A quick excerpt from the Cinema 5D article:  

  "The Ikonoskop DII records uncompressed RAW 12bit with up to 30fps.


 It saves the files onto a 80gb (15 minutes) or 160gb (30 minutes) flash drive.

There are numerous lens mounting options including Canon EF, FD, C-mount, PL mount, Leica, f-mount, bnc….

One of the great things about this camera besides its quality is that you can use your Canon mount lenses. On top of that there are many many great 16mm film lenses being sold on ebay as 16mm film is meeting its doom. Here, for example, is a very high speed Schneider f0.95 25mm lens for 800€. There are many c-mount f1.4 cctv lenses starting at $10, but I guess they suck (?). The reason for the diversity of mounting options is that it optionally comes pre-equipped with a P+S IMS mount"



For more info go to Cinema 5D.