Will the number “3” be a significant number?

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A week ago – Canon announced a big event that would take place on November 3rd, 2011.   They have reportedly invited many of Hollywood’s elite to an event on in Hollywood and are making a quote "Historic Global Annoucement."    Canon is not known for hyperbole.

Yesterday – Jim Jannard of RED Announced that the details of the Scarlet camera would be announced on November 3rd, 2011 – on the same day of the Canon announcement.   He claimed that:


"November 3rd is likely to be the most watched day in Reduser history. It will be well worth it.

Jim  ."  

Not a small statement either.

Many of you are speculating on the web that the 5D MK THREE is overdue…   

Will that be the third "3" in this formula?

 (Note: While I read all of the rumors as fervently as any of you do –  am contractually bound not to make any comments on them.) 

On a personal note: last weekend someone reminded me on a tweet that he was celebrating the 3 year anniversary of the release of Reverie.     

So you can bet I’ll definitely be paying attention on November 3rd to these announcements.

Can the timing of Canon and RED’s announcements be pure coincidence?  Engadget addresses that question…   

Clearly, someone knows something…  or are we witnessing a gauntlet being tossed out there?  A challenge?  

I’d love to speculate out loud – but nothing good ever comes from that.    I made a joke a a little over a year ago that "even if I knew that the 5D MKVI  would come out in the spring of 2011, I could never confirm or deny the fact."  

I was subsequently quoted in dozens of articles across the globe that the "5D MKIII was coming out in the spring of 2011."  

We all know that never happened.  And as a result of that irresponsible "journalism" I just abide by a policy to to stay quiet and make no comments whatsoever – the old: "I can neither confirm nor deny" routine is the best thing for me to do.  

I trust you’ll understand.  It’s never a fun thing to be on the receiving end of the calls or  e-mails from Canon – especially when you have no idea what the source of the statements are…

I am only posting this because of the coincidental timing of both the Canon and RED announcements. I must admit that took me a bit by surprise.   Especially given both Canon and Mr. Jannard’s claims.     

Clearly, if you are a camera geek of any kind, you should all mark November 3rd on your calendars.