Timescapes and Timefest

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Tom Lowe, just put up some of his footage on Vimeo of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.  The footage was shot with the RED Epic and these clips are part of Tom’s upcoming film, "Timescapes."   The footage is beautiful, and I’ve got to admit to becoming slightly addicted to the dubstep artist’s work (SKRILLEX is the artist btw)   I was impressed to see Tom getting these type of results in relatively low light at 96 fps and120 fps.  Tom was able to do this at a reltively low ISO (800 to 1000) because he had a secret weapon at his disposal:  the  Zeiss Master Prime cinema lenses, which open up to T1.3.   Not too shabby… 

We both had fun shooting with the Master Primes together last month at TimeFest.   Check out the video below for a glimpse of what we shot together with some very talented and quality people.  And stay tuned, because in a few days Tom Guillmette will be releasing a half hour documentary on the  inaugural TimeFest.