CL Edit contest for a chance to win $3K+ of Redrock Micro gear

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Laforet Edit Contest from creativeLIVE on Vimeo.

Want a chance to win $3,000+ of HDSLR gear?!?!?   Read below – giving away stuff is fun πŸ˜‰

From the Creative Live site:

During Vincent Laforet’s most recent workshop on creativeLIVE, Vincent and the studio audience shot a scripted scene called “Choice.” We have been waiting to unveil this footage to announce a very exciting creativeLIVE twist! We are making the raw footage available to our audience to showcase their editing and storytelling abilities. We want you to create your own version of the story using the footage we provide and your artistic talent and ingenuity. Go on get creative! Not only can you be involved in a short film with Vincent Laforet, you could also win Vince’s Redrock Micro rig configuration, valued at over $3,000! Check out the Redrock Micro website and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @redrockmicro. [READ MORE…link below]

This is the biggest prize in creativeLIVE history!

Here’s how to Play & Win!

1. Create a Vimeo Account:

2. Download the takes you are interested in editing from “Choice” on the creativeLIVE Vimeo account page:

3. Create your own version of the story with your revised edits of the footage. Remember in order to qualify you must abide by the terms and conditions. All additional footage/music/effects, etc. must be your own. See all terms and conditions here:

4. Join our Vimeo Group

5. Upload your final edited video to the group

6. Tweet out the URL to your video and include the hashtag #LaforetEdit

7. Vincent Laforet and creativeLIVE will choose a winner based on their creativity and storytelling ability

The filmmaker selected will win Vincent Laforet’s Indie Filmmaker DSLR Kit from Redrock Micro!

Follow this link for more details on the kit:…

For the storyboards and script go to the Vincent Laforet creativeLIVE course page

This is a $3,370 value so don’t miss out! The contest begins today and ends on August 12, 2011 so get started now! Thank you Redrock and Vincent Laforet!!!

The contest is only open to the US and Canada, although EVERYONE is welcome to edit their own version of the short film. Please read the terms and conditions to see a full list of rules and restrictions.

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