Job Applications Closed

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Just wanted to thank EVERYONE for applying for the series of jobs posted on this blog a little over a week ago.    We’ve gotten a windfall of 200+ applications.   That in turn means it’s going to be a few weeks until I can start to get back to people as there’s a tremendous amount of material to go through.   I’ve already narrowed down position #1 to a few people and contacted them, as that trip will be starting shortly.    I’d like to thank everyone for the incredible level of work submitted and the time and effort put into the applications.

Given the high number of applicants you should not expect to hear from me for close to 3-4 weeks from now for position 2, 3 &4 – even if you’re amongst the top percentage – as I want to get a chance to review everyone’s work first.  So I would ask that you not send me any e-mails for now asking on a status update, as I won’t have much to share until the review process is complete.

Sincerely –