Recent Work: Inversion Spot

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Here’s a VFX heavy spot that I shot (DP) months ago in Los Angeles.    We shot the spot with the Canon 5D MKII and Zeiss CP.2 lenses – but ironically the goal was to heavily degrade the footage to make it appear like it was shot with a variety of cell phones.   Ergo you’ll see a lot of crushed blacks and blown out whites, not to mention blocking – all done in post.

The coolest part of the shoot involved the two stuntmen that were being yanked into the air by cranes.   On the final shot of the spot  (the spot starts out pretty slow on purpose – make sure you make it to the end that’s where the fun stuff happens!) one of the stuntmen is actually operating:  that’s a real shot of the other stuntman flying into the air, followed by the lead stuntman/operator flying up into the air himself as the camera focuses on his feet and the people below.

This was my 3rd collaboration with Zoic Studios and my second with director Loni Peristere (who I worked on the Famous Footwear 600 frame per second “Neighborhood” spot shot on the Phantom Gold last year as well.)

We used a relatively small handheld 5D MKII rig w/ an O-Grip handle on top of the viewfactor cage – and ran all of the cables for the wireless focus motor as well as the wireless video transmitter back to a backpack that either I wore, or the stuntman wore.    I plan on sharing some behind the scenes video that Chris Dowsett is putting together with you in the next few weeks.