Discussion on chasejarvisLIVE

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In case you missed it two weeks ago, I sat down with fellow photographer Chase Jarvis for a discussion on his weekly webcast – chasejarvisLIVE.  We had a great time talking about photography, video, and everything in between.  The whole thing was done in anticipation of my second creativeLIVE workshop – Moving from Stills to Video – which was a lot of fun, and I encourage you to check out.   A lot of people have told me that Day 3 was a clear highlight o the 3-day workshop and one of the stronger workshops they’ve been to or seen out there relating to making the move from stills into motion.

Chase just reposted the video on his blog and I thought I would re-post it for you all as well.  The topics we covered in this talk are all great fodder for discussion – so leave your thoughts and comments below!