creativeLIVE Schedule & Gear Giveaways!

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OK here we go!   This coming Friday through Sunday promises to be a very exciting 72 hours!  As most of you who read the blog know – we will be shooting and broadcasting live on web the second part of our creativeLIVE HDDLSLR workshop titled “HDDSLR – Moving From Still to Video with Vincent Laforet

The workshop will be broadcast free during that 72 hour period and go on sale thereafter.

We will also be giving away an insane amount of gear during the workshop – to be eligible to win it – all you need to do is to follow @creativelive and @vincentlaforet on twitter – that’s it!  We’ll send everyone more details as we get ready to give stuff away.

For those of you who took part in the first workshop a little under a year ago – here’s how this workshop will differ from that one.   The first workshop focused heavily on gear and theory.  We did a little bit of shooting and a quick edit.  This workshop will flip that around – we’ll focus a bit on some new gear, and on some other important things you need to know prior to any shoot.  But most of our time will be spent actually shooting.  We’ll discuss a little theory of course – but ON SET and DURING a shoot.  We will also devote a good chunk of the first day to workflow – both with Apple’s Final Cut Studio and Adobe’s CS5 suite, from ingest to output – and even backup – something a lot of this blog’s readers have been clamoring for for awhile!

See below for a list of what we’re giving away (all you need to do is follow @vincentlaforet and @creativelive to have a chance to win – there is no need to purchase anything of course.)   Below that you will find out syllabus for the workshop.  I hope you can join us online!   See you in a few days!

Zeiss is giving away their Planar 50mm f/1.4 ZE Lens ($725.00 value).

PNY is giving away a media bundle that includes two (2) 10ft HDMI cables and a 16GB Class 10 (133x) SDHC card ($90.00 value).

Cinevate is giving away their Atlas 10 Slider and new Simplis DSLR Rig ($1205.00 value).

Redrock Micro is giving away my own Custom Configuration kit #3 from our Gear Page ($3370.00 value)!

Schnedier Optics will be giving away a set of four ND Filters (.3, .6, .9, 1.2) ($1000.00 value)

Manfrotto is giving away their 504HD/536K Tripod Kit ($1099.00 value) as well as one of their 561 BHDV-1 Monopods ($270.00 value)!

Kessler is giving away their 3 ft. CineSlider ($1199.95 value)

Vimeo is giving away 10 Vimeo Plus memberships ($59.95 annual value).

Adobe is giving away a copy of CS5 Creative Suite Production Premium ($1,032.00 value).

Marshall Electronics is giving away their new 5″ LCD Monitor ($516.00 value).

And last but not least, Go Pro is giving away 3 of their GoPro HD Helmet Heroes and including a tripod and skeleton housing with each ($300.00 value each)!


DAY 1 (Friday March 4): (ALL TIMES  Pacific Stand Time)

10:00am PART I (90 min of 2hrs)

  • Introduction
  • My 5 top HDDSRL Configurations and their specific uses
  • New Gear that’s been released since April 2010.

11:30 break (15 min)
11:45am Finish Part 1 (30 minutes)
12:15pm PART II (90 minutes)

  • The Importance of Pre-production no matter the size of your production
  • Production Needs and Considerations – we’ll make sure you’re ready to face any potential you should expect to face on any video production.

1:45 Lunch (45 minutes)
2:30pm PART III (90 min of 2 hours)

  • Workflow (iMovie, FCP, Premiere, MPEG Streamclip, Color and a quick look at After Effects)
  • Data Management and Distribution

4:00pm Break
4:15pm Part III (Finish 30 min)
4:45pm Q&A
5:00ish End of Day

DAY TWO (Saturday March 5):


  • Shoot a short documentary piece as an introduction to the building blocks of any motion piece.  We’ll discuss some fundamental
  • basic camera shots
  • basic camera moves
  • basic shooting techniques

11:30am Break (15 minutes)
11:45am DOCUMENTARY WORKSHOP (Sit down interview + live subject/B-Roll shoot)
1:15pm Lunch (45 min)
3:00pm Break (15min)
3:15pm Edit the final documentary w/ EDITOR  (2 hours)

  • We will sit down with an editor and go through an edit, demonstrating how all of our shots fit and work together.   This will include lining up audio and workflow on Adobe Premiere CS5.

5:15pm Q&A
5:30ish – End of Day

DAY THREE (sunday March 6 :


  • we will workshop a short narrative scene, delving into greater detail behind the basic building blocks we learned in Day two and how they are used to tell a story in a narrative piece.
  • Coverage
  • Shooting Rules
  • Lighting
  • Scheduling
  • Storyboards
  • Optimized shoot schedule (i.e. shooting things non-linearly to save time.)

11:30am break (15min)
1:00pm Lunch (45 Min)
3:00 Break (15min)
3:15pm EDIT the final piece w/ EDITOR with Apple’s Final Cut Studio 2 hours

  • We will sit down with an editor and go through an edit, demonstrating how all of our shots fit and work together.

5:15pm Q&A
5:30ish – End of Day