Creative LIVE HDDSLR Workshop Part Deux!

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I’m incredibly stoked to be be teaching another online creativeLIVE  HDDSLR workshop in less than two weeks!
The free workshop will stream live over the internet on March 4th, 5th and 6th (If you can’t make it to your computer during that time, creativeLIVE will give you the option to purchase the course to keep as part of your permanent collection – you can sign up to get a discounted price on the course prior to 6 p.m. on March 7).
Our first workshop last spring, “An introduction to HDDSLR Cinema,” was a sort of 101-style class that discussed gear and basic cinematic techniques, and this upcoming workshop will build upon that foundation. We’ll see some of the new gear that’s come out since then of course – including a set of custom rigs that I’ve put together over the last year for all different types of filmmakers, budgets, and shooting scenarios.
A detailed course schedule will go up live on this site – one week from today.
Make sure to follow both @creativeLIVE@vincentlaforet for the upcoming two weeks to get updated information on the workshop & to get more details on how you can win some pretty fantastic gear & software giveaways from: Adobe (CS5 Suite Premium!)  Apple, Schneider, B&H, Kessler Crane,  Cinevate, Redrock Micro and more….  The gear giveaways alone are well worth following us on Twitter!

If you’d like to be one of the lucky 6 participants you’ll need to submit your own video:
1. Record a 60-second video saying why you want to join me in Seattle.  (Hint: I’ll be looking for videos that are original…witty…fun…photographers making the transition from stills to video are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED)

2. Post it to Vimeo or YouTube

3. Tweet the URL for that Video on Twitter and include @creativeLIVE and the hashtag #laforetLIVE

Deadline: Friday, Feb 25th. Be prepared to make quick flight arrangements if you are picked!

Below is a link to LAST YEAR’S WORKSHOP – which serves as a foundation of sorts to the upcoming workshop.