Cinevate Simplis

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Yesterday Cinevate launched their brand new DSLR rig – the Simplis.  As the name suggest, this rig is simple and small.  While it could serve as the foundation or core of a larger rig, it seems to me that it’s uniqueness comes in its size and scalability.  The rig uses ball bearing joints in multiple places that would not only allow you to adjust your rig on the fly – but will also allow you to fold it down into a more compact configuration.  These two features make this an excellent rig for the documentarian or photojournalist who is constantly on the move.  To top it off, Cinevate has a record of building very solid products – so it stands to reason that this rig could also deal with the wear and tear that comes with constant travel.  Head over to Cinevate’s site to check the rig out!

And hats off to Imaginarium Studio for making such a cool promo spot!