HDR Time-lapse

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Two of the most prominent effects being done with HDDSLR’s these days are time-lapse and high dynamic range imaging (HDR).  Almost anywhere you go in the photography/videography blogosphere you can find stunning examples of each.  Obviously timelapse is an effect for video only, and HDR is mostly used in still photography, but we have seen a few tests for HDR video pop up here and there.  In the video above (by Patrick Kizny) you can see a marriage of these two techniques – which really only makes sense given that time-lapse requires still photography and allows you the time to take multiple exposures.

While the effect in the video above is really interesting – I think it makes everything look a little bit too much like the graphics on my PS3.    I actually liked many of the initial shots that were not HDR (or at least if they were – they were done more to my liking.)   I guess the reason I have never been a particular fan of HDR – is that I think people push it too far.   If done well – you shouldn’t even notice it too much.  It should look like an Ansel Adams print – not surreal in my opinion.   That’s just me.  You should check out this site  Chromasia by David Nightingale to find what I consider HDR that works (to my tastes to be clear!)  Some definitely push it a little bit beyond my comfort point – but many are spot on.  It’s all subjective of course – and that’s what’s great about art in general.   That being said:  great work is all about finesse – and pushing the envelope – but with restraint or finesse IMO.

What do you  think?

Regardless of what I think – here’s a great behind the scenes video on how this was done.  It’s always awesome to see people sharing out there: