Checking in for 2011

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Grading Chapter 8 at Company 3 in LA with my friend and incredibly talented colorist Alex Bickle on the DaVince Resolve - on a 25 foot screen.

Hey everyone – just wanted to check in and share a few updates with you all.

First I’ve been busy finishing up the post on the final chapter of the Beyond The Still film contest.  As I mentioned earlier the 6 winners from the competition and I came together to write the final chapter, and they were all on hand to work with me as I directed the final chapter.

We’ve graded the piece, done the mix and are now scoring the piece.   We will premiere the entire 8 chapters at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23rd.  You will also be able to catch each chapter airing from now until then on the Sundance Channel – pretty cool!  I look forward seeing you there and also invite you to a panel that my buddy Chase Jarvis will be a part of the night before at Sundance as well. (Details TK – he just told me about it today over lunch.)

We’ll get to posting a bit more on the blog in a bit – the post process for this and other pieces shot towards the end of 2010 has been very time consuming.

I am also currently at the madhouse otherwise known as the CES show here in Las Vegas.

My goal is to find time to continue to put good content on this blog – and as much original content as possible.  I appreciate all of your support and the close to 6,000,000 visitors in the past 2 years (yikes!!!)

We’ve been busy cutting together a behind the scenes video that we’ll launch on the day of the premiere.   Between all of this and  doing post on two commercials, prepping for one that I am shooting next week, and bidding on another for the end of the month – it’s been a busy 5 days since the start of the first business week of 2011!

I also appreciate all of the support you’ve given me with the iApp “VISUALS” that I launched 3 weeks ago.   It has been downloaded close to 30,000 times and was featured by Apple yesterday on their “New and Noteworthy” apps, and was the listed in the #2 spot as most popular iPad free app for photography on iTunes, and #11 for the iPhone. (And #176 for ALL free apps in ALL categories.)  Not sure how long being in that spot will last – but it feels nice.   I appreciate all of the positive feedback and suggestions very much.  Please keep in mind that as you check out the app – the meat of the app if you will – is in the 90 minutes of video that you get access to within – some people seem to be missing that pretty substantial part to the app as they try it out.  The app is free as is the initial collection of images – you will then be given an option to download additional collections within the app.  Please make sure to click on the “All Collections” button at the button if you’d like to purchase them collectively at a discount.

#2 after nearly 30,000 downloads in under 3 weeks! I'm enjoying it while it lasts - I have no idea how the weird science of ranking works on iTunes

So here’s to a wonderful 2011 for everyone!  I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have in 2011 so far!

Below you’ll find a few more images from recent days.   Click on the “More” button below!

Footage looked incredible when shot at 160ASA on the 5D MKII - very very nice scope detail.

Being able to grade with a projected image is a fantastic luxury - especially when the piece will be projected in a theater in the end.

The DaVinci Resolve... impressive grading system to say the lest.

The craziness started as soon as I got off the plane (well actually before I boarded - there were 36 people on the waiting list! Then at the airport in Vegas we were met with close to 50 limo drivers! Never seen it this busy - this is apparently the busiest week of the year... Hour long cab and bus lines at every big hotel are the norm ... and forget trying to get OUT of the convention center at the end of the day!