Last Minute Holiday Gifts Ideas: Fine Art Prints

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Well – as usual I’m a bit slow when it comes to holidays (and things in general) – and I couldn’t figure out why all of these fine art print orders were coming in last week… as my son says to me (from a line taken from Night at The Museum) dumb dumb gum gum:  obviously people were ordering them in time for the holidays!

So to that point – if you’re interested in gifting one of my limited edition fine art prints to someone you care for or that you’ve worked with – feel free to check out one of the following 2 sites below.  It’s always a great gift for someone that’s hard to shop for!

I’ll offer 25% off any print up to 24X36 and 30% off any print up to 40X60 until the end of 2010.

To make applying that discount simple: send me an e-mail with the name of the print (or a screenshot of it) with the size you’re interested in and finish (either luster or matte paper) to and I’ll apply the discount when we contact you.  (In other words DON’T order through the store on either site – I don’t have a way to do discounts yet…like I said…me slow.)  You can of course find the size, edition number, and price on either one of the two stores below.

Here are the sites:   This is the main site on my website – go to it and click on the “Fine Art Prints” link.  Also – there is a new site HERE that I’m putting up for an upcoming iPad/iPhone/iTouch app that I’m launching within the next few days/weeks (whenever Apple approves it…) And you’ll find some new pictures there that aren’t in my regular website’s gallery.

If you get your order in by this Saturday morning – I can sign them and get them shipped to you to arrive before Xmas… sorry for the late notice on my part… been kinda busy 😉

If you get your order in a little later – I will make a little gift PDF w/ the image you purchased – that you can e-mail or print out and give to the person you’re gifting the print to (those prints will be made and shipped on the first week in 2011.)  It’s a great last minute way to get that gift for someone who’s difficult to shop for – or for a business gift.  If you’d prefer to gift them via this PDF – I will also give them the option to select a different print of their choosing – makes your life easier…hard to pick sometimes!

All of your fine art print ordera help support me in investing in helicopter time for future aerial projects (it’s not cheap to fly those choppers!)

Lastly – here’s a plug for my friends Jared Abrams and Sandy Puc:  Check this link out for a series of workshops they’re leading around the country next year – 20% of the proceeds go to Charity Water so it’s kind of a gift to others within a gift to yourself if you attend the workshops…pretty cool in my book! See the promo video below.