Final Beyond The Still Chapter Complete! – Entering Editing Stage

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I’m happy to announce that we wrapped the shoot for the final chapter of the award-winning Beyond The Still Competition last week!   All six winners were participated in the writing of the script over that last few months, and were flown out and to be present during the 3 day shoot and to offer their input – and they were a blast to work with!

I’m really excited to share the resulting short film with you in close to a month from now.   The final chapter – and all of the other chapters will be projected at the Sundance Film Festival – which is incredibly exciting for everybody that has been involved in the project.  The world premiere of the final chapter will be on January 23rd at Sundance as a result!

I really can’t spoil much or show too much – so for now, I leave you with a simple screenshot.   This is what the Final Cut timeline looks like for the cut so far… and that’s before we add the sound design, score, mixing, and grading!   What a project it’s been!

Click on the image for a full resolution version of the image.

If you’d like to hear more about the Beyond The Still Competition that took place over this past year – pls check out the video below: