Those were the days…

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Just landed back from Shanghai, via Barcelona and New York City, originating and terminating in Los Angeles.   I’ve lost track of which way is up or down – and my body’s internal clock will take quite awhile to reset. The blog has been a bit quiet for sure – but the commercial TV shoot only allowed us free time when we were sleeping on the flights between continents – quite literally.   I will share more on the behind the scenes of the shoot shortly – and share the  commercial with you in late January.

For now – I found this on – and couldn’t resist sharing this with you all – these were the “good old days” in Photojournalism… how we miss them all!

I know David Burnett pretty well and have had the opportunity to shoot alongside him at quite a few big events – and it’s a blast to see him so young and the world the way it was back then (TELEGRAMS!!!) Needless to say, David is one of the best of his generation – no question about it.  David still has the same level of passion and energy today as he did back then – if not more!   The fun part is, while I do feel a bit nostalgic about the “good old days” of magazine/agency photography – I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a blast over the past few weeks and months shooting motion…  on with the times I guess!

and while we’re at it – why not throw this one in as well from my pal Andrew Hetherington’s site What’s the Jackanory?


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