Interview with Marc Silber

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A couple of months ago, San Francisco based photographer and founder of, Marc Silber, came down to my studio in El Segundo and sat down with me for an informal interview for his web series, “Advancing Your Photography.”  We discussed my approach to photography, with an emphasis on how much time goes into preparing for each shoot.  For the job I am currently on in Barcelona, I had to put together a kit of 22 cases of gear (all of which you can find on My Gear Page).  It took the better part a week just to decide what was necessary to bring and how to pack it with the utmost efficiency.

One thing I have always been aware of as photographer, and now a commercial director, is that pre-production is key.  In order to “capture the magic” on the day of the shoot – whether in stills or motion – you really have to have all of your bases covered before you ever make it to the shoot.  Those wonderful moments in both photography and film can happen in a split second, and if you aren’t prepared for them, they will pass you by.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Marc, and if you are interested in more episodes of his web series, they can be found by visiting  There are interviews with Chase Jarvis, Joey Lawrence, and others.  They are incredibly insightful and educational – I recommend checking them out!

(NOTE: Due to an unfortunate incompatibility between my version of wordpress and Marc’s I was not able to embed the video.  Click on the image above to be taken directly to it, or click HERE.)


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