Next Week: Workshops and Lectures in NYC

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I wanted to put a reminder that I will be in New York City next weekend participating in two different events:  Photo Plus Expo and Shoot NYC (hosted by Bron Imaging and Hasselblad).

First, I will be giving a workshop for Bron Imaging in conjunction with their Shoot NYC event.

These workshops will be geared toward photographer’s looking to make the jump from still photography to motion filmmaking with an emphasis on HDDSLR’s and basic cinematic techniques such as camera movement.  We won’t have a Techno Crane,  but you will get to ride a  Fisher Dolly – one of the most widely used cinema tools in the commercial/film business.  More information on this workshop can be found in my earlier post on the event.

There are two chances to attend this workshop – One on the 28th (1pm-4pm) and again on the 29th (9am-1pm).  If you are interested in checking it out – CLICK HERE.

Second, I will be giving two separate lectures at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center for the International Photo Plus Conference and Expo.

The first lecture I will be giving is on Thursday the 28th, from 8:45am until 11:45am hosting is on Cinematography with HDDSLR’s.  This event will explain the basics of cinematic technique when shooting with this new breed of cameras.  However, if you are interested in a more in depth explanation – I would recommend attending the workshop listed above as this will be a lecture only – with no gear on hand.

The second lecture is going to be a panel on Saturday the 30th, entitled, “Platform Building: Using Online Video Sharing to Attract an Audience, Establish Creativity, and Network.” Also, on the panel will be my friends Blake Whitman, Director of Vimeo, and Philip Bloom, who I am sure many of you know.

If you are interested in attending either of these lectures, please CLICK HERE.

See you in New York!