My Gear Section – what more would you like to see?

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The “My Gear” section of this blog – where I list almost every single piece of kit that I use in both HDDSLR & still photography production – has become the top destination on this blog since it was put up.  In case you didn’t know, there is a link on the top left of the blog that says “My Gear Main Page” if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!

What I’d like to know is:  what else would you like listed there?   What else are you interested in hearing about?*  Please comment on a special section on the following page called “Requests.”

As you’ll see in the My Gear section – I not only list every piece of gear, but I also went through a lot of work to post: The Pros and Cons of each piece of gear – as well as examples of the images I made with each piece of gear, and in many cases behind the scenes videos of the gear in use.  I think it’s pretty cool actually – and something I want to continue investing my time into.   For one – I’d like it to be the “go to place” for HDDSLR gear and two,  I get SO many e-mails asking me about gear, that I’d figure I just put this section together and point people there – saves everyone a lot of time!

I will be putting up “custom configurations” of HDDSLR kits in the next month.  We’ve got all the pieces in place and now need to shoot the videos.   The idea will be to list kits for:  a. beginner HDDSLR user  b. Photojournalist/Documentary c. Indie filmmaker d. Filmmakers  e. The “top of the line system in existence.”  Expect more on that in about a month – it’s a LOT of work to get all the pieces here to shoot, let alone film and edit it.

Note: FYI: *I do have a policy that if I REALLY don’t like something – I generally tend not to comment on it.  I don’t like to slam products – doesn’t do anyone any good -especially when published and it creates headaches (including potential lawsuits f.y.i.) So if you don’t see me list something it’s either because: a. I don’t use it or haven’t used it or b. I don’t choose to list it for the aforementioned reasons.  c. I simply haven’t had the time to use it yet.   At the rate HDDSLR accessories are coming out – it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to keep up – let alone arrange to get loaners etc – it’s honestly a full time job.  So I do my best to list my “go to” gear that I think is relevant to most people out there.

Hope to hear from you soon – and to hear you comments that you should post HERE.  Thanks!