It Only took 61 Still Cameras to shoot these…

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For fans of the “frozen bullet” effect from the Matrix – here is a pretty awesome series of “shots” by Timeslice Films for RipCurl using 52 Canon T2i cameras.   Add a little rain and short circuits, fried computers and hard drives,  and of course a few lost cameras and perseverance – and you get something pretty spectacular.

Also check out this really cool article (with excellent behind the scenes photographs) on the use of a Canon 1D MKIV to shoot a LIVE TELEVISION (Yikes!!) segment on DSLR News Shooter – very very cool.   The reason?  Standard cameras aren’t sensitive enough to capture the low light of the city in the background – in comes the 1D MKIV.  Here is the result below:

And finally – something very special.  The Eddie Adams Workshop has always been very close to my heart – and here is a pretty brilliant little short made by Andre Costantini. The workshop was in its 23rd year, celebrating photojournalism with some of the best photographers, editors and multimedia editors from around the world sharing their knowledge and passion with a very lucky 100 participants. (Andre btw was the editor behind “Reverie.”  Prior to handing the edit over to him – the initial cut of “Reverie” was one that I did not really want to see more than twice.  Andre exercised his magic and helped make something very special.)

I think the movie speaks to the possibility of HDDSLRs and the incredibly creative films they can achieve when combined with talent.   In this case LOTS of talent.  I haven’t asked Andre – but I know the budget for this was $0 – and in this case that fact is pretty much irrelevant.   For those who have attended the workshop – they will understand the history and passion behind the workshop.  You have to admire the inventiveness behind this short.   So enjoy this one – I sure did.

Below is a quick picture of how they did the “fly cam” from the Eddie Adams Workshop slide show… like I said: Lo-Fi – but shear Awesomeness in my book… two magic arms for balance, cord, and some cool doodad in the middle… and that’s Andre on the right of the trio…