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The above video is just a quick clip of the spectacular projection mapping on the side of the IAC building that was exhibited for the Vimeo Festival + Awards in New York City this past weekend.

I think it’s safe to say that Vimeo truly came of age during these past few days.  Vimeo has long been a vibrant community of many of the most talented filmmaker and creatives from around the world that come to share their work with one another online.   One of the most important things that has distinguished this community from other video communities – is not only the high caliber of the average member, but also the overwhelmingly constructive/positive feedback they share with one another.

I have to say that what I witnessed this past week was very special – VERY special.   It was in a way witnessing the birth of an online/electronic community – into a new form of sorts: basically from online to real life.  People were invited from around the world to meet one another, and to hear some of the top Vimeo members share their films/shorts/animation and their ideas.  We were also invited to the Vimeo headquarters and met the people behind Vimeo.   They are a truly special bunch.

If there’s one word I would use to describe the Vimeo Festival + Awards – it would be CLASS.   The space was fantastic.  The stage and rear project in the main lobby was gorgeous.  The technology behind many of the displays and the lobby reminded me of going to visit Google – and at times exceeded it with gorgeous design.  The virtual iPhone app was impressive.  The party was a blast – I’ve been to almost 100 of these parties over the years and it takes a lot to impress me… this one stood far above the rest.  The awards ceremony was complete with red carpet and paparazzi.  It was one of the coolest I’ve ever seen (with more projection mapping) and the bling was one that I’d be proud to earn someday – gorgeous trophies!  And as you can see from the video above – what a way to finish the festival: the video projection mapping on the side of the IAC building was spectacular.   Basically – the attention to detail was phenomenal.  And nothing I’ve ever seen from the FIRST one of these for any group/company.   I an everyone who attended are already hoping there will be one next year and for many thereafter.  If it happens – I highly recommend you attend.  It’s well worth the cross country trip – let alone a flight from abroad.

Here’s a more recent video from Blake Whitman:

I’ve been a bit effusive here – but I have to give it to Vimeo – they hit this one way way way out of the ballpark.  Grand Slam for sure.   Congrats everyone on the Vimeo team!

Read on to see embedded videos of Saturday night’s winners!  (These are the winners picked out of 6,500 entries from around the world!)For the Narrative Category  “Thrush” by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

For the Documentary Category: “Last Minutes with ODEN” by Phos Pictures

For the Music Video Category: “Liars ‘Scissor'” by Andy Bruntel

For the Animation Category: “Between Bears” by Eran Hilleli

For the Original Series Category: “Break-ups The Series” by Ted Tremper.  Episode 1 below.

For the Experimental Category: “oops” by Chris Beckman

For the Motion Graphics Category: “TRIANGLE” by Onur Senturk

For the Captured Category: “Fluid Sculpture” by Charlie Bucket

For the Remix Category: “BREAKDOWN the video” by Kasumi