Photo Plus and Shoot-NYC with Broncolor – Lectures, Workshops and more

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In case you were unable to attend the PhotoCine Expo last weekend -or- if you simply couldn’t attend since you were located on the opposite coast – I wanted to bring to your attention two other Expos happening in NYC.  The first is Photo Plus (Oct 28th-30th), an international photography conference, at which I am giving two lectures – one on HDDSLR cinematography (Oct. 28th) and another on Online video sharing (Oct. 30th). The other is Shoot NYC (pictured left), an educational photography forum that is hosted by Broncolor and Hasselblad in New York City on October 28th and 29th.  I will be giving a workshop at this expo that is more in depth than either of my Photo Plus lectures.

However, unlike PhotoCine, which was geared toward a smaller group of people with a film/video background, this workshop will be for a group of 50 students who come from a traditional photography background and are interested in making the leap to cinematography and directing.

Here is a short breakdown of what the workshop will offer (from

The first third of each 4 hour course will focus on Vincent’s personal transition from shooting stills as an editorial photographer for The New York Times and eventually as a commercial photographer to ultimately transitioning into Directing and DPing Commercials, TV Pilots and short films for clients around the globe.

Vincent will share some of his more successful images and videos from the past decade and the stories behind them – in many cases discussing the films shot by shot to help photographers gain a better understanding of the technology, techniques and styles prevalent in the film industry today.

The second third of the class is to help participants understand the basics of visual storytelling and the principles of motion, screen direction and camera movement.  Vincent will also be highlighting the major differences between a still vs motion commercial shoot – from the initial bid through logistics.  We will also discuss optimum HDDSLR workflows and grading.

The last third of the course will involve an on-stage demonstration of the the variety of equipment available to HDDSLR filmmakers today – from high-end gear such as dollies, wireless transmitters and follow focus systems, to more budget conscious tools. Participants will be invited on stage and lead through a variety of specific examples of shots and techniques commonly used in Television and Film.  Vincent will also show and talk about the latest HDDSLR gear as well as some cutting-edge products that are just becoming available in the market today.”

If you are interested in attending this workshop at the event, please register HERE (the workshop is available for two separate sessions – one on the 28th and one on the 29th). And while I said that the workshop will have a larger attendance and slightly different focus than my workshop at PhotoCine – take a look at the video from PhotoCine below to get an idea of what the workshop will hold.  Hope to see you there…

In addition to news of this Expo, I would also like to announce that Broncolor is joining my blog’s list of supporters – who help keep this blog up and running. A HUGE thanks to them for their support and for making this workshop possible.