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This past weekend I was at the PhotoCine Expo in Hollywood and I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time!  There were a number of familiar faces from the world of HDDSLR’s at the expo – including Rodney Charters and Shane Hurlbut.  Aside from the familiar faces – a number of new pieces of gear also made an appearance.   Given that I hand my hands full with prepping and giving both a workshop and keynote – I thought I’d link to a friend’s excellent videos on the matter (thanks to Jared Abrams at Cinema5D for his coverage of the Expo):

One of the items getting the biggest buzz at the Expo was Redrock Micro’s new microEVF.  You can read PhotoCine’s review of the product HERE.

Marshall Electronics also introduced their new 5″ monitor:

And here is Richard Schleuning from Zeiss talking about the importance of manual focus lenses.

and here’s an interview of me as well:


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