LEGO Follow Focus

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Someone had to do it!

One of the most attractive things about the HDDSLR movement is that it has led to some pretty incredible/resourceful innovation by so many people out there… and here we have a funny little contraption that pushes that envelope into new territory…

A follow focus made entirely from Legos.  My son would absolutely freak if he saw me working with this (in a good way!)

Given how solid Legos can be – I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing actually perform well…

Not sure I’d pull this out on the next job where you’re shooting Angelina Jolie (come to think of it, all of her kids might find it entertaining though…) but its definitely entertaining.   I would be curious to hear how well it works.  Hop on over to the HDV Blog to check out how they did it.  The site is mostly in Japanese, but they provide plenty of pictures and a full list of the lego pieces involved.

In the voice of the little Xtranormal characters:  I don’t care…. I must have one… I want to ride the Lego Super Techno-Crane with the Lego follow focus Preston unit!


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