Quick but cool little annoucement

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Thanks to Vimeo’s new HTML5 player and Rob Haggart’s help installing a new plugin for me in WordPress (Rob  hosts this blog on his Photofolio site) – this site and all of the Vimeo videos in it are now iPad, iPhone & iTouch friendly – and will of course continue to run on all up to date browsers as before!

The beauty of the new Vimeo player – which they call their Universal Player –  is that it pretty much will play on any platform out there whether it runs on a Mac/PC/or iOS/Android devices which is absolutely killer.  It’s nice to see solutions that don’t depend on Flash rolling out.  While I never had anything against Flash – apparently Mr. Jobs did and it’s been a pain not to be able to view videos/slideshows on the new iOS devices that have come out.

I know many of you have e-mailed me or posted in the comments section asking for this feature – so here you go!  You can now read this site on your iPads etc!   Thanks Rob and I hope you all enjoy the new capability of this site.