Master Class & Keynote at PhotoCine Expo on Sept.25-26 in Hollywood

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September 25th and 26th will be a busy weekend at the Los Angeles Film School during the PhotoCine Expo.  I’m glad to join a few good friends including Shane Hurlbut, Alex Buono, (tentatively Rodney Charters) and the Bui Brothers who will be speaking and sharing their knowledge of HDDSLR film making that weekend.  I will be giving the final Keynote speech of the weekend on the 26th.  If you’re going to be in LA that weekend I recommend you come check the event out –  last year’s inaugural CineExpo was fantastic and one of the very first events to bring HDDSLR film makers together.  You can register for the vent here.

Last but not least – I will be leading a “Master Class” on Saturday the 25th. There are only 15 spots open and I’m very excited about the resources we have on hand for this workshop – it could just turn out to be one of the best workshops I’ve been given the chance to put together to date.   If you’re interested I recommend you sign up sooner rather than later – as these workshops tend to go in the first 24-72 hours.  E-mail Pamela Berry to reserve your spot.

Here is a course description below:

“I’m very excited to run this one day workshop as it will diverge quite a bit from what I have had a chance to do in the past given the great resources that will be at our disposal at the Los Angeles Film School. While most of my past workshops have been focused on introducing people to the world of HDDSLRs and the basics of film production and cinematic theory – this course is designed for people who want to (literally) get hands on experience with shooting on a typical HDDSLR production during an almost full-day of shooting.

We will be bringing 15 students together and teach them the ins and outs of an HDDSLR production – and focus on both the advantages as well as some of the challenges this new breed of cameras offers. The students will come together to shoot a variety of scenes at one of the Los Angeles Film School’s cinematography stages. We will have access to a number of stages, dollies, JIBs, lighting and a pretty impressive array of HDDSLR equipment. We will also have the assistance of a DP/Gaffer/Grip and a series of actors. While we will be discussing cinema theory and language – the goal will be to do so ON SET – as opposed to sitting down in a classroom. We will also discuss how to set the cameras to obtain the best possible quality in camera with the post-production workflow in mind.

I will begin the course with a 45 minute presentation where I will share some of my more successful images and videos from the past decade and the stories behind them – in many cases discussing the films shot by shot . I will also discuss my transition from shooting stills as an editorial photographer for the New York Times, to becoming a commercial photographer and ultimately transitioning ino Directing and DPing Commercials, TV Pilots and short films for clients around the globe.

My goal is to have the students leave with a clear understanding of what they will need in terms of preparation and equipment to achieve HDDSLR productions on both high-end and more budget-conscienscious productions. This class is open to students with minimal film experience as well as seasoned professionals interested in gaining a strong grasp of what this new breed of camera offers. We will however jump straight into blocking out and shooting scenes from the get go – so people new to filmmaking should expect a bit of a roller coaster ride – but a fun one! ”   This is an all day event and the cost is $675.