MPEG LA Declares H.264 Standard Permanently Royalty-Free

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As I and many others guessed when this controversy popped up a few months ago – the whole H.264 End User Agreement “controversy” was indeed muchado about nothing.   Good to see MPEG LA do the right thing and clear the air.

For those who missed this little controversy from back in May please read this post. The issue was with the end user license agreement for H.264 which states that the format cannot be used for “professional” distribution.

This is something we could all have worried about as the Canon HDDSLRs all shoot their footage in the H.264 format.   But now:  we don’t.  So go back out and shoot – and always remember:  as awful as some of the language in contracts often sounds at first – most of the time you can go back and discuss it with the other party.   One of my favorite sayings is that “all contracts are meant to be negotiated.”

IMPORTANT NOTE (This applies to only footage that is put online for free – NOT FOR SALE.  See comments below for clarification and rates.)