Big announcements from Canon today

Today Canon announced a BEVY of new gear… Rob Galbraith did a great job of listing the features of the new lenses and Gizmodo had a great review of the Canon 60D.

I have to say I’ve rarely (if ever) seen this many products announced all at once.

For those of you who may not know – The “Canon Expo” is taking place at the end of next week – an event that Canon puts together every FIVE YEARS!!!! Basically it’s their Olympics…This is where one can expect BIG announcements.

It’s become the norm over the past few years for companies to make their big announcements well ahead of tradeshows (that way the big announcements don’t get lost amidst the hundreds of other announcements made DURING the expo…)

I’ll be there – as will many of my fellow Explorers of light.