Just to be clear…

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I said that I have some very exciting announcements coming in the next 2-4 weeks  – that’s true!

BUT – they will have absolutely, unequivocally, NOTHING to do with Canon or a Canon product.

I just had to clarify this because several rumor sites have picked up on a quote I made (highlighted below) in a post I wrote last week and taken it out of context – even though I made it clear that these rumors were photography related not video related and would involve the iPad and iPhone.

Here’s the quote: “Then there’s a BIG announcement coming soon… something to do with Photography and iPads and iPhones… can’t wait to share that one – that too has been a 6 month project in the making… more to come soon!  The goal is for all of this to happen within the next 2-4 weeks!”

Now for a lighter side of things – for your viewing pleasure in case you missed it – a series of hilarious video – w/ a reference to “Nocturne” I believe… I happen to agree with the little guy for the most part – but for the record: we did have an armed security guard, and we shot with 1D MKIVs – not 7Ds 😉

IMPORTANT: NSFW – a lot of explicit language and evident frustration within:

More and much funnier ones below… this one is a little bit “angry” if you will…

and one that has NOTHING to do w/ video/film – but one of my all time favorites – and goodie but a relative oldie (from 2009) – warning language even more explicit: