Been Busy lately… a little quiet on the blog I know… LOT OF STUFF COMING

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I know it’s been a little quiet on this blog lately – my apologies.   The truth is we have more info and announcements coming in the next 2-4 weeks than I’ve probably ever had since Reverie or Nocturne… I’m pretty excited actually.

We just also wrapped a 2 week shoot in Tuscany and Naples – Italy.   I thought I’d throw this cool little ditty on Vimeo for you guys to share in – we mounted a GoPro HD camera w/ velcro onto our steadicam rig w/ the 1D MKIV and Zeiss CP.2s attached to it / w Preston and Boxx wireless transmiter and well a lot of stuff – all gear we’ll be discussing and listing on this site in the coming WEEK.

BTW –  I have an entirely new section going up that will list – EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF GEAR I USE on productions.   And as you can guess – it’s a long list.   That’s part of the reason we’ve been a little quiet.   Between the productions I’m working on (I’m in Vancouver right now shooting 3 commercials back to back until the 22nd during their 6-week “summer/gorgeous season”) and given the amount of gear I am planning on listing – we’ve been very very busy.

This is a video of one of my favorite allies in many of my productions – Director/DP and Steadicam operator Charles Papert (SOC) – we mounted a GoPro HD on his steadicam and let it rip.   You should be able to appreciate how smooth the motion is on the camera (he’s a 20+ year veteran- been operating the steadi since he was in his teens…) and also the fine control he has on the rig with his fingers… a lot more stuff like this to come… it was well over 100º F in Napoli when we shot this – not easy for most – but a walk in the park for Charles.  At one point we put the GoPro on conveyor belt – it was covered with chocolate and went through a dryer – all the time following chocolate candies … you’ll see a clip of Mike cleaning the lens after that successful experiment.  I’m in love with the chances you can take w/ these cameras!

Then there’s a BIG announcement coming soon… something to do with Photography and iPads and iPhones… can’t wait to share that one – that too has been a 6 month project in the making… more to come soon!  The goal is for all of this to happen within the next 2-4 weeks!