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I know that many of you who read this blog regularly are interested in learning opportunities and workshops, so I thought I would pass this along…

My friend and fellow Explorer of Light, Shane Hurlbut, ASC, is putting on an HDDSLR Bootcamp on August 28th and 29th in Los Angeles.  The two day course is pricey at $3250.00 – but you’ll get what you pay for. Shane has spent the last year and a half running around with these cameras and perfecting his technique and workflow.  During that time he even shot a feature film – “Act of Valor” – entirely on HDDSLRs.

The bootcamp is designed as a crash course in all things that Shane and his team have learned over the past year and a half of HDDSLR production.  It aims to educate others how to turn these prosumer cameras into something capable of shooting motion pictures.  Shane is a true believer in this technology (what he has coined as “digital film”), and its a rare opportunity to be able to learn from someone of his experience.

**UPDATE – Shane is graciously offering a discount of 40% on the bootcamp to all of my readers – bringing the price down to $1950.00!  If you are interested – email with the subject: BOOTCAMP – LAFORET DISCOUNT**

Check out more details on the bootcamp by CLICKING HERE.


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