Stockland Martel Interview about “Beyond The Still” Lions in Cannes

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Here’s a great interview on Stockland Martel’s blog with Grey Advertising’s Executive Vice President Nick Childs (and me.)   It really does a good job of showing the progress of the Beyond the Still Competition and is a good reminder that you still have 2 chapters to enter and be part of it!

Here’s an excerpt:

“Beyond the Still,” the unique HD video contest created by Grey New York and Vincent Laforet to promote the Canon EOS 7D, won three big awards at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival last week: a Silver in the Promo & Activation category for Best Use of Games, including Sweepstakes, Contests & Prize Draws a Gold in the Media Lions category for Best Use of Branded Content and an extremely prestigious Bronze in the Titanium Category (the Titanium category has a shortlist of only 25 entries from ALL categories across the world – this was the first Bronze Titanium in Grey Worldwide’s history.)

The contest, as you know, is like a video version of the game exquisite corpse, created by the Surrealists, in which an artist would make a drawing and then mail it to another artist, who would add on to the artwork and send it on to yet another artist, so that the final piece is a collaborative effort, yet the participants have communicated with each other only through their work. In this case, Canon gave Vincent a still and asked him to create a story with the photo as his starting point. And then they opened it up to the whole world and asked people to compete to create the next “chapter,” continuing the story from the last frame of Vincent’s film. And so on. (The contest is still going on. Details here.)

Aptly titled “Beyond the Still,” the contest performed above and beyond anyone’s expectations, according to Grey: “The first month alone spawned a tidal wave of entries, and Canon EOS 7D weekly sales exploded, increasing by 88% since the contest launched, making it the #1 selling DSLR in the world. Huge spikes in sales also spilled over to the Rebel T2i and 5D Mark II.”

Here’s a combination of two interviews I did with Vincent and Nick Childs, EVP, director of branded content, at Grey, about how the contest came together and what the awards mean.”

Read the interview that follows HERE.