Jannard’s follow up to his “Red vs HDDSLR” post.

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Here’s Jim Jannard’s follow up to the controversial comments he posted last week and that I commented on.

While I’d be foolish to think that I ultimately had anything to do with his decision – I do find the last line of his post extremely interesting…The one where he states that RED is taking a lesson from Apple and that RED “will no longer discuss what we are doing until we are done.”

That is pretty much the conclusion that I came to when I stated that RED’s main “issue” was to over promise and deliver late within my post. Obviously, I think the RED team is making the correct move.  My quote was:

“If there’s only one criticism that I have with RED – it’s that they’ve tended to over-promise and deliver late…  basically the opposite of what Apple does (Apple stays absolutely secret about their projects, deny they’re working on anything, and releases them only when they are confident the product is ready for prime time…)   I personally would prefer to get hard deadlines from RED on future product releases – even if those dates are overly conservative on their end.”

Again – I’m not claiming that Jim hadn’t come to this conclusion in any way as a result of what I said of course – but what IS CLEAR – is that yes – RED does listen and they do care…

Here is Jim’s full response:

Heh heh… I’m surprised that so many people are reading posts from Reduser! 🙂 Wow.

Clarification #1. I think that Canon should be embarrassed about pretending that line-skipping is good enough when they have the capability to do much more. I’m sure they will in the near future. Until then, they are delivering much less than they are capable of… which is one of the reasons I started this company. No one in this industry seems to move unless they are forced to.

Clarification #2. No shooting professional has to justify what equipment they use… only their results.

If people want to correctly point out our flaws as a company, they will only be joining my previous admissions. We have no idea what we are doing. We are always late.

On the other hand, I would bet that no company in any industry cares more about their customers than RED does. We have taught the industry about free upgrades, trade ins and customer service at 3am. We have set a new standard for direct communication with our customers, a standard that other companies are trying to figure out how to emulate.

I don’t have any problem with someone pointing out that I have no idea what I am doing… I have said that all along. But it is curious that the industry is falling in line to “be like RED”. All I can say is … “don’t do it. You are following the wrong guy.” 🙂

If these other websites are going to post my comments, I certainly hope they will post this one without edit.

BTW… we have taken a lesson from Apple. We will no longer discuss what we are doing until we are done.


“Everything in life changes… including our camera specs and delivery dates…”

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.

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