HOUSE Season Finale TONIGHT- Shot entirely on Canon 5D MKII

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Tonight marks a big night in HDDSLR and Canon 5D MKII history.  The Fox Networks “House” series is one of the most successful on TV today – and they are airing their SEASON FINALE tonight – shot exclusively with the Canon 5D MKII!

I think this is perhaps one of the most important moments in the HDDSLR’s history to date – because it is in effect becoming a bonafide tool used in prime time television – for a major series.

DP Gale Tatersall and director Greg Yaitanes are in effect giving this camera a huge nod or approval.   While many of us have been well aware of the Canon 5D MKII for close to 2 years now – understand that this is going to make a pretty big impact on a lot of people in Hollywood/film/television – who still have yet to “really” hear about this camera or still doubt that it is ready for major productions.

Yes – many of the DPs, Director and many producers out there have of course heard of this camera… but now you should expect a lot of Executive Producers, studios, actors and others to pay attention – when they realize it was used for a season finale on FOX.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to record the series tonight – as I’m actually shooting a commercial gig in downtown LA on a RED (ironic isn’t it?!?  The spot is very heavy on Special FX/CGI/Post and we could not use the Canon HDDSLR as originally planned… note to Canon we need RAW footage please!!!!) – but you can BET I’ll be watching this episode early tomorrow morning when I get back from the all night shoot.   I hear that Gale used all Canon EF glass for this series  – with his regular crew… mostly the 24~70mm 2.8 and 70~200mm 2.8…  which is a very interesting choice.

Here’s a main and key point to take away from this as well:  I hear that this episode took longer and cost more than a standard episode to produce… so while HDDSLR systems are cheaper and require small camera support – obviously:  a lot of other things (crew/talent/permits etc.) still cost close to the same…. something I’ve been telling many producers over the past 1-2 years.   This is especially true when you have an incredibly experienced crew – that is introduced to an entirely new camera system… it may take them a little extra time to get adjusted to the new system… another thing that I’ve been sharing w/ people – there is a learning curve (albeit a short one) with these cameras for even the most highly experienced union crews.

I have no idea where that extra time and money went – or if it was in any way related to the Canon HDDSLRs causing delays etc  – as far as I know this could be a very complex episode of course and have nothing to do with the camera.  That being said – I’d be surprised if they didn’t face some technical challenges along the way (and truth be told I have heard that they did in fact run into a few POST related hiccups – which is to be expected.)

The Episode airs on the FOX Channel tonight at 8 p.m. EDT/PDT – and should be available on iTunes thereafter…   can’t wait to see it!