Interesting twist and views on a viral marketing video

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From Gawker – some pretty good points in this article today.    Brings up a lot of interesting questions and makes some solid points too.   Read on and view the video as well:

How Not to Fall for a Viral Marketing Scheme
“You see a cool YouTube video of people running on water. It’s called “liquid mountaineering,” and you share it on Facebook and Twitter. Then you find out it was a viral marketing campaign. And you feel like a tool.”

Given that everyone’s talking about it and many shared the video – was this a SUCCESSFUL marketing campaign?

Did the line between this video being a bit “too authentic” vs being “over the top / comical” get blurred – and was that the goal?

If you leave your customers feel cheated/duped – will that backfire?

All VERY relevant questions for anyone in advertising/marketing…   what do you think???

On a technical note: you should notice that the guys fall into the water at EXACTLY the same spot each time…hmmm… and did you notice the RedRock Micro follow focus gearing on the 70~200mm… was this shot (at least in part if not entirely) with an HDDSLR perhaps?  hmmm… likely!